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God, it’s cold in Chicago in February. March too. April can hurt your feelings as well. Seriously, it’s weather that can hurt your feelings! Like, my heart wants to believe in spring, but this wind is telling me, “Quit yer … Continue reading

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Chicago’s Douche Vortex Map

Chicago has several major douche vortexes. It’s important to map them out because many innocent people stumble onto them by accident. Recent Chicago transplants and tourists are the most common victims. They’re drawn in by some of the traps in … Continue reading

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Chicago airport police attack passenger on Republic Airlines plane

Major airlines like United want to keep their contractors financially dependent, but don’t want to take on the costs of operating feeder flights with their own higher-paid employees. Contracting out these flights enables airlines to evade their union contracts and … Continue reading

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Predictions put into practice: a quasi-experimental evaluation of Chicago’s predictive policing pilot

Individuals on the SSL are not more or less likely to become a victim of a homicide or shooting than the comparison group, and this is further supported by city-level analysis. The treated group is more likely to be arrested … Continue reading

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Lucas reaps bitter fruits of arrogance as Chicago museum plan collapses

Though the case never went to trial, Darrah is the real hero of this titanic struggle. Without him, Friends of the Parks was powerless. Also without him, the case could have set a dangerous precedent. It would have allowed the … Continue reading

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