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McMansion Hell

New Jersey is a special state – so special, I could spend an entire year roasting McMansions in New Jersey alone. One house really doesn’t do it justice. Fortunately for y’all, I’ve selected 10 McMansions out of a million, to … Continue reading

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I write for SkyMall

Align-N-Drive Kit “Knowing your exact driving path helps keep you safe. The Align-N-Drive “method” – and I am using that term with utmost charity – targets two key groups: geriatrics and the legally blind. So if you’re the kind of … Continue reading

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Red faces over monk mayhem

Red faces over monk mayhem This secretly shot footage shows supposedly abstemious Buddhist monks smoking, drinking and playing poker for big stakes at a luxury hotel. via Red faces over monk mayhem — chicagotribune.com.

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Texts from Hillary

Texts from Hillary.

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