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Chicago’s Douche Vortex Map

Chicago has several major douche vortexes. It’s important to map them out because many innocent people stumble onto them by accident. Recent Chicago transplants and tourists are the most common victims. They’re drawn in by some of the traps in … Continue reading

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McMansion Hell

New Jersey is a special state – so special, I could spend an entire year roasting McMansions in New Jersey alone. One house really doesn’t do it justice. Fortunately for y’all, I’ve selected 10 McMansions out of a million, to … Continue reading

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I write for SkyMall

Align-N-Drive Kit “Knowing your exact driving path helps keep you safe. The Align-N-Drive “method” – and I am using that term with utmost charity – targets two key groups: geriatrics and the legally blind. So if you’re the kind of … Continue reading

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Red faces over monk mayhem

Red faces over monk mayhem This secretly shot footage shows supposedly abstemious Buddhist monks smoking, drinking and playing poker for big stakes at a luxury hotel. via Red faces over monk mayhem — chicagotribune.com.

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Texts from Hillary

Texts from Hillary.

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