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Dirty Tricks

Which makes me wonder how a guy who doesn’t have a clearance, got a look at this supposedly highly classified document and why we’re not investigating this blatant breach of security. It also makes me wonder why if Nunes can … Continue reading

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Using search warrants to get into fingerprint-locked phones

Investigators in Lancaster, Calif., were granted a search warrant last May with a scope that allowed them to force anyone inside the premises at the time of search to open up their phones via fingerprint recognition, Forbes reported Sunday. The … Continue reading

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The FBI Feared Communist Infiltration of EPCOT

It used to be very nice. It’s the last park designed mostly by Walt’s personally hired staff who remained with the company after he died. Sure, it’s pro corporate but that was always one of Walt’s minor character flaws. Then … Continue reading

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How the FBI Groomed Mentally Disabled Teen With a 51 IQ into an “ISIS Terrorist”

Although Pruitt is unable to use the bathroom without assistance, the FBI and the St. Clair, Alabama Sheriff’s Office are pretending that he was part of a plot to provide “material assistance to terrorism” on the basis of online conversations … Continue reading

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