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Align-N-Drive Kit

Knowing your exact driving path helps keep you safe.

The Align-N-Drive “method” – and I am using that term with utmost charity – targets two key groups: geriatrics and the legally blind. So if you’re the kind of driver that needs a helpful reminder of which way is forward, the Align-N-Drive’s window decals will gently guide you ever ahead as you plummet your way through the local farmers’ market.

I admit that I respect the Align-N-Drive’s devil-may-care attitude when it comes to driving anything but a straight shot. Curved roads, turns, impending pedestrians: These are all worries of a bygone era, one that the Align-N-Drive has long since overcome. For the Align-N-Drive is a system for the free and unhinged, the elderly but energetic, and those who no longer pay heed to complicated directions, police barricades, or restricted licenses.

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