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How much pee is in our swimming pools? New urine test reveals the truth

Although the researchers were unable to confirm exactly what fraction of visitors were choosing to quietly relieve themselves in the water rather than making the shivery trip to the changing rooms, the results suggest that the urine content was being … Continue reading

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Why an LSD high lasts for so long

“In terms of microdosing, what we really need are controlled clinical trials, and we don’t have any,” he explains. Some microdosers claim the practice can enhance productivity, focus and mood. Ayelet Waldman, who recently published A Really Good Day: How … Continue reading

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Predictions put into practice: a quasi-experimental evaluation of Chicago’s predictive policing pilot

Individuals on the SSL are not more or less likely to become a victim of a homicide or shooting than the comparison group, and this is further supported by city-level analysis. The treated group is more likely to be arrested … Continue reading

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The View from the Front Seat of the Google Self-Driving Car

But we’re now driving enough — and getting hit enough — that we can start to make some assumptions about that real crashes-per-miles-driven rate; it’s looking higher than we thought. (Our cars, with safety drivers aboard, are now self-driving about 10,000 miles per week, … Continue reading

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I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How.

Other than those fibs, the study was 100 percent authentic. My colleagues and I recruited actual human subjects in Germany. We ran an actual clinical trial, with subjects randomly assigned to different diet regimes. And the statistically significant benefits of … Continue reading

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