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Trump Carrier Bailout – Economically Unsound

But in the matter of industry-specific or firm-specific tax benefits of the sort extended to Carrier in Indiana, they do not have a leg to stand on. These are straight-up corporate welfare, ethically and fiscally indistinguishable from shipping containers full … Continue reading

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Inside a Hollywood heist

One measure of the true cost of these programs is whether states recoup their subsidies through increased tax revenue. A comprehensive review of the recent literature produced by states in 2009 (when these programs were at their peak) finds consistent, … Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer Could Claim $1B in Tax Write-Offs For Buying Clippers

A tax break for owners of sports franchises would let the ex-Microsoft CEO claim about $1 billion of the team’s purchase price from the taxable income he makes over the next 15 years, said the report, published Sunday in the … Continue reading

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The absurd measures corporations will take to dodge taxes

About a fourth of Walgreens’ annual income is derived from — guess who? — our U.S. government. Yes, our very government that the people of Wasson & Co. say they no longer want to help support. The unpatriotic drugstore ingrate … Continue reading

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American drug companies don’t want to pay US taxes—but they want global customers to pay US drug prices

So who is fighting for the right of pharmaceutical companies to sell their wares at their prices, wherever on earth? Why, that same Uncle Sam that companies are avoiding paying taxes to: The Obama administration is negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, … Continue reading

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