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As of 10/27/2010 has been moved to a new and more modern server. No longer will it have to live with the old and tired Penium II which served her well for 9 years. That PII machine was purchased in early 2003 for $15 from the scrap heap and served well for over 7 years – including times during lighting strikes when much newer hardware died. The old PII was up once for over 500 days 24/7. Now it's time for it to step aside although in case of emergency – it's still plug and play and can and will take over whenever such a time ocurrs.

Brandylion is dead

Brandylion, the border collie, died on February 7. She spent her final day lying on the couch in the office where she always lied. She then got up and died on the floor. Brandylion will be missed but her domain name will live forever – or at least as long as I'm alive.

Brandylion Gallery Pages

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Border Collies are cool!

Last summer (1997)  the dog crew went out for a little stroll along Lake Michigan and took this portrait of themselves. Kagan, who now bosses my parents around, is the BC sitting to the left. My BC, Brandylion , is front and center and Blondie, the lone lab, sits to the right. Brandylion also happens to have her own home page which she wrote last August and I hear she's working on a new one. Not having opposible thumbs makes it hard for her to type and use the space bar but that didn't stop her from dictating it.

My Pets

To see album of dogs click here

My current set of mouse chasers/designated Border Collie sheep.
My lab called "Blondie" -- #1 -- #2

Me listening to U2 on the headphones.

Other images

The Remember Cafe , Amsterdam, NL.
Another Amsterdam coffeeshop.
A view of Cebit 95
A generic picture of Mt. Rushmore. Makes for a nice background screen.
Yosemite falls shot at 2am under a full moon. This was not made via digital manipulation.
Half Dome in Yosemite in sunset coloured light.

Images of Chicago

A picture of the Wellington-Oakdale marching society taken from my bedroom window after they woke me up. These parades are held to bring in summer on Memorial Day and bring out summer on Labor Day. Very very quaint.
Note: Note the British influence. :-)
Buckingham Fountain (35K), Chicago, Il.
Chicago skyline at night (52K/62K) #1 -- #2 These shots were taken in 1988 at the Adler Planetarium -- a very popular site for photographers at night. The Adler Planetarium is out on a pennisula just south of navy pier and north of McCormick Place, Meigs Field, and Soldier Field.

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