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This Is How To Pay College Athletes

It would be nice to end this column here. But, of course, not everyone agrees. Some people—the most salient are the generously compensated college sports executives and the lawyers they pay to defend the status quo in antitrust court—insist that … Continue reading

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Most Republicans Think Colleges Are Bad for the Country. Why?

In the Pew Research Center’s study, distrust of colleges was strongest in the highest income bracket and the oldest age group, with approval levels of just 31 percent among respondents whose family income exceeds $75,000 a year and 27 percent … Continue reading

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The hypocrisy of big-time college sports

If protecting the college athlete from commercialization were really the NCAA’s concern, it would restrict or eliminate this commercialization in the first place. via The hypocrisy of big-time college sports – CNN.com.

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If Notre Dame can’t stay clean, who can?

Why do we keep going along with the charade of big-time college football being anything other than a huge business built on the backs of very human young men, many of whom want nothing to do with school? via If … Continue reading

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The Oh-So-Fragile Class of 2014 Needs to STFU And Listen to Some New Ideas

The entire point of college is to be exposed to different things: Different types of people, different ideas—and maybe some of those people will hail from organizations that negatively impacted poor countries, or maybe they were partly responsible for a … Continue reading

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