This Is How To Pay College Athletes

It would be nice to end this column here. But, of course, not everyone agrees. Some people—the most salient are the generously compensated college sports executives and the lawyers they pay to defend the status quo in antitrust court—insist that athletes can’t be paid because they’re amateurs, and that they’re amateurs because they can’t be paid.

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And then the article meanders into this.

So what is the best plan for paying players? No plan at all. If Kentucky wants to offer basketball recruits $500,000 signing bonuses, fine. If Notre Dame doesn’t want to offer football recruits a penny more than their athletic scholarships, that’s also fine.

No, that’s not fine.  A free for all could destroy the golden goose of college basketball.  The players need a union and some kind of compensation which includes guaranteed scholarships and other things for playing in tournaments.

Like pro sports, professional college basketball and football needs to be run like a cabal to survive.  As long as the players, as a class, get a certain percentage of the loot let the player’s union figure out how to divvy it up.  Right now they don’t even have a union.  One step at at time!

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Dirty Tricks

Which makes me wonder how a guy who doesn’t have a clearance, got a look at this supposedly highly classified document and why we’re not investigating this blatant breach of security. It also makes me wonder why if Nunes can show this memo to Gaetz and Meadows and Gorka and any random hobo sleeping off a drunk on the Washington Mall, why he won’t show it to the Senate or the Justice Department or us, for that matter.

But I digress. Also, apologies for that crack about hobos, that was just mean to Steve Bannon for no reason.

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Who authorized a US military intelligence agency to spy on the FBI?

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First Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 150 Years Coming This Month

The first eclipse of 2018 will be a lunar one that comes at the very end of the month, on Jan. 31.

It will be a total eclipse that involves the second full moon of the month, popularly referred to as a Blue Moon. Such a skywatching event hasn’t happened for more than 150 years.

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Body-Cam Video Of Daniel Shaver Shooting

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From Russia With Love

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